Youth Cafe – ‘Cook Well, Live Well Eat Well’

‘Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well’

‘Cook Well, Eat Well , Live Well’ will encourage young people to live healthier lives by teaching them about the need to, and how to, eat healthy foods and implement a balanced diet. Two 10 week courses will be run. Each course will engage 8 young people as project leads, teaching them to buy and prepare healthy food on a budget. Each week young people will try a healthy food option from a different cuisine, broadening their horizons and finding that which they prefer. The project will also teach young people the importance of food hygiene and safety, and they will all complete a food safety and hygiene certificate. Aswell as being encouraged to make changed in their own lifestyle, as project leads, the young people will become healthy eating advocates, and will showcase what they have learnt, and the food they produce, each week to 30-40 of their peers in a youth club which will run after each cooking session. Each 10 week course will culminate in a Healthy Eating Food Festival, which will open to the local community and the young people’s friends and family – aiming to reach 100 people. This will involve the young people preparing and promoting different healthy dishes and will include food demonstrations and offer a wide range of easy, cheap and healthy food options for people to try. After the project has finished all of the Healthy Food Advocates will be taken for a meal in a quality restaurant, which for many of the young people will be the first time they will have experienced this kind of food experience, and the motive of which will be both as a thank you and as a way of nurturing their interest in good quality food. 



In Partnership with YMCA Sutton Coldfield & Kingstanding Food Community