Peoples Health Trust

Kingstanding Regeneration Trust have been awarded a two year intergenerational project within Kingstanding Central, bringing together older people with gardening knowledge, but without physical ability, and young people eager to learn with the physical ability. Volunteers will create three community gardens and run a resident garden regeneration scheme helping vulnerable older residents with their over grown gardens. Volunteers and beneficiaries will meet monthly to discuss the next resident gardens to be regenerated and share in their love of gardening.

This project aims to reduce isolation and improve intergeneration relations and cohesion, whilst providing mutual benefit to all involved old and young.

To date KRT have completed 50 gardens in year one of the project (2015-2016) and we plan to complete a further 50 in year two. (2016-2017).

If you or some one you know need a FREE garden makeover please get in touch with the KRT team on (0121) 439-6780.

Below please find some examples of what the team can do for you!     BEFORE                        AFTER

 BEFORE                           AFTER

BEFORE                            AFTER